2017 Queens 


Miss River Delta - Hannah Oliver
Miss River Delta OT - Phoebe Harris

Miss Lights of the Delta - India Kuykendall
Miss Lights of the Delta OT - Ciara Callicott

Miss NEA - Bailey Moses
Miss NEA OT - Isabella Baughn



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Welcome to the Northeast Arkansas Pageant Association website. Here you will find information about the pageants we sponsor and the queens we support.

2017 Awards

Miss NEA OT - Izzy Baughn; Spirit of the Pageant Award, Top 5 Scholastic Achievement, Top 5 Teens in Action

Miss River Delta OT - Phoebe Harris, Top 5 Scholastic Achievement

Miss Lights of the Delta OT - Ciara Callicot;  Top 15

Miss NEA - Bailey Moses; 3nd Runner Up, Prelim Talent and Swimwear Winner, Sloane Roberts Overall Dance Award, Miss America Community Service Award,

Miss River Delta - Hannah Oliver; Alpha Swimwear Prelim Winner
Miss Lights of the Delta- India Kuykendall; Alpha Swimwear Prelim Winner

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