2019 Queens 


Miss River Delta - Reagan Wheelis
Miss River Delta OT - Ashton Kissee  

Miss NEA - Jessica Miller

Miss NEA OT - Sophie Simmons

Miss Lights of the Delta - Izzy Baughn
Miss Lights of the Delta OT - Anna Beth Jeane



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Welcome to the Northeast Arkansas Pageant Association website. Here you will find information about the pageants we sponsor and the queens we support.

2018 Awards

Miss NEA OT - Camille Cathey; Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen 2018, Prelim Evening Gown Winner, Prelim On-stage Question Winner

Miss River Delta OT - Madeline Adams; Top 15, Instrumentalist Award

Miss Lights of the Delta OT - Collette Campbell; Top 10

Miss NEA - Ashley Ehrhart; Top 15

Miss River Delta - Ellie Stafford; Top 10, Alpha Talent Winner, Alpha Interview Award, Social Media Promotions Scholarship, Asher Ray CMN Miracle Maker Award, Marty Walker Memorial Scholarship
Miss Lights of the Delta- Alexis Ungerank; Top 15, Non-Finalist Dance Award, Prelim Talent Winner, Alpha Talent Winner, Prelim Artistic Expression in Talent Award

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